Monday, January 16, 2012


We sat up one picnic table with tons of candy for the kids to snack on while we waited for everyone to show up. 

They were going to need a lot of energy for all the games coming up.

Once most of the people showed up we started to eat.  There was tons and tons of food for everyone to enjoy.

We had several kinds of sandwiches to pick from, fruit salad, potato salad, macaroni salad, a veggie tray, lots of different kinds of chips to pick from, snack mix, chocolate covered Oreo cookies and lots more. 

The kids really enjoyed being able to pick the food and drinks they wanted then wonder over to a blanket or quilt to eat at.

I was happy to see they all ate a lot and didn't just fill up on candy or junk food ahead of time.

The parents all ate at the picnic tables but the kids spread out and I could hear laughter and giggles from all over.

Let me tell you, these kids can eat and eat a lot.  I think they really like being able to pick whatever they want and be able to go back for as much as they like.

After eating it was time to play some games.  Keeping with the vintage picnic theme we did a sack race.
We used old pillow cases as the sacks.  It was funny because some of the kids had never played sack races and they thought it was so fun.  Simple, cheap and fun!

We also played tug of war.  Another vintage game that they loved!

Each side pulled and pulled with all their might.  They had no idea they were not only having fun but were getting some great exercise with these games as well.

When one side could no longer hold on, there were screams and moans on one side...

and cheers and screams of joy on the other. 

But, there was laughter and excitement from both sides.  It didn't really matter who won and who lost.  They all just had fun.

They also had a blast playing egg toss. 
 Every one picked a partner and then they would toss the egg back and forth to each other.  Every time the caught the egg without it breaking everyone would take a big step backwards.  If the egg broke, the team would be out. 

The last team standing won.  Thankfully, none of the eggs broke on the kids. 

But, soon the park had lots of broken eggs all around.  We could not leave them there for others to step in so the kids all pitched in and picked up all the eggs.

My favorite game was a scavenger hunt in the park.   Why was it my favorite, you ask?  Well, by this time I was tired.  So, I picked several teams and sent each time off with the list of what to find.  Each team had a parent with them and they had to photograph each item and bring it back to show me.

This meant the kids were all gone for over 20 mins and I could pick up some and even got a little rest time until they all showed back.

Everyone ended up getting several prizes though out the day and when they got back from the scavenger hunt they all got more as they were all winners!

Trinity opened up all her gifts and took pictures with everyone as she did so.

One of the great things was Trinity not only invited her friends but she also welcomed their little brother and sisters too.  She didn't want them to feel left out.  She has such a big heart and is always so kind to everyone. 
It was then time for cake!  We had a white cake with a cheesecake filling, chocolate cupcakes and red velvet cupcakes to pick from.

Everyone sang happy birthday to Trinity.

She blew out the candles.  Oh no, that boy in back of her looks like he is ready to push her into the cake!  He wouldn't do that would he?  No.

But, one of her other friends would smash a pie into her face!  Everyone had a good laugh over that.  Even Trinity!  What a good sport.

After she cleaned up and everyone had their fill of cake, it was time to say good bye.  Another year down.  Trinity is now 11 and each year she grows up more and more and just when I think she couldn't be any better of a kid, she is. 

I know the party was hit with the kids because many of them said they wanted to have the same kind of party.

I only wish I took better pictures.  Trying to take photos and run a party is hard.  I forgot to change the setting on the camera so they didn't come out that great. 

Even though I only had two weeks to pull it off, I think everyone had a very good time.  I know I did.

Happy Birthday Trinity!  I love you more then words can say!


Jean Tuthill said...

Looks like a great time was had by all! I love your colorful decorations! I'm sure it was a party that everyone will remember for a long time.

Kimberly Kay said...

What fun!!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Joanne

Happy 11th birthday to Trinity! This looks like a wonderful party idea and the children all looked like they had a wonderful time!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

PS: Thank you for your kinds words of consolation to me on the loss of my mother. They were greatly appreciated. {{ hugs}}

Judy said...

Now that looks like the parties of my childhood...sack races and egg toss and good food. What fun! Happy B'day, Trinity.

Anonymous said...

I think all kids are enjoy this birthday so much.Birthday celebrate in the vintage than greenery look so fabulous.All children look so happy to enjoy this birthday.

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