Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I love seeing the trees all decorated at the malls.  They are so big and have beautiful ornaments and lights.

However, the tree over at South Coast Plaza on the side that used to be known as Crystal Court, is different then any other mall tree I've ever seen. 

It's very big!  Over three stories tall.

At the top of the tree is a large snow globe.

Just below the snow globe area is where all the different types of Santa, Father Christmas and St. Nicks from all over the world can be found.

As you move further down the tree, you will find a very large Santa hanging ornaments on the tree above him.

Then even further down, you will find a village of houses.  All decked out for Christmas and very detailed.

I would love to live in one of these little homes.

If you look close you can even see some shadows of people inside the houses.

Finally at the very bottom you will find a train running on a track that goes around and even through the large tree trunk.

This is a tree that you can't just glance at and see everything.  You must take some time to see all the hidden treasures.  Like the white bunnies hiding in the snow.

The tree looks totally different from every floor on the mall too.  It is so fun to go on the different levels and see what you can find.

This tree can suck you in and make you feel like you have entered a fairy tale.  It's also fun to watch the faces on the children's faces (and adults) as they walk around finding more and more cute hidden things.

This tree has been at this location for years and years.  At first I didn't like it.  It was to different.  But, as the years go on and I discover more and more about this tree, I find it becoming one of my favorite trees.

Do you have a favorite tree you go see every year?


Rach said...

Wow, what a piece of art!

Unknown said...

Neat post! My favorite tree(s) are the ones that are selected each year for Rockefeller Center in New York City. I have seen them here for many years. They are usually pretty huge, and have tons of lights. It is fun to watch all of the people ice skating on the rink below it too.

Furry Bottoms said...

I remember those displays at the crystal court!! It was still called the Crystal Court when I moved away, what do they call it now? And those santas and the snowglobe and village houses are exactly the same as they used to be... 15 years ago! What a great trip down memory lane!