Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas wrapping theme for 2012

This year I went to the Container store and bought the most beautiful angel paper and all the ribbon, tags and stuff to match.  However, when I checked out, I think my heart stopped beating as the price was so high I thought I was going to die.

My friend talked me into taking it back and getting my wrapping supplies some place else.  My heart broke a little as I returned it but I know it was for the best.  Heck, who spends more on the wrapping then they do the actual gift?

So my whole theme was changed.  I went to the stores and couldn't really find anything I loved like I did the paper I returned. 

I settled on a red and silver theme.  We have a lot of red in our decorations so it fit in perfectly.

The photos show that there is a lot of white in the wrapping but it's really all silvers.  Some shinny, some not.

There is a a lot of glitter in both the paper and ribbons.  Though the glitter doesn't really show up either in the photos.

I went with really simple bows this year too.  I've been sick and just wasn't up to spending hours making big bows. 

I had forgot to buy matching tags so I used what we had.  Most had the same color theme so they were fine.

I think they all look pretty as they are all piled up waiting for everyone to open them. 

I want to wish everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!  I hope Santa is good to all of you!

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Furry Bottoms said...

Really pretty! We found some really good wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby. About 7.99 a roll, but you got A LOT on a roll. It will last a few years, I think.