Friday, July 8, 2011


I've been staying busy this summer.  My girl scout troop has requested to continue our fun outings over the summer, even though most troops take a break over the summer. 

I agreed it sounded like fun so, we have been going to several places already and we have several more trips planned before school starts back in Sept.

We went to the Discovery Center a few days ago.   The Discovery Center is a hands on Science Museum.

It was so much fun that we stayed there until the place was closing down and we were told me had to leave.

Then there was the day the girls got to go horseback riding.  Talk about a dream come true for these girls.  They LOVED the horses and learning how to take care of them and ride them.

One of the girl's mom works with the lady who owes 6 horses.  She also trains horses and gives riding lessons. 

She invited us to her place and we got to spend hours and hours with the horses.   No one wanted to go home that day either.

One day we got up early and went to Black Star Canyon.  Yes, I have talked about going there on ghost hunting trips and also hiking during the day before.

This day, we met up with my friend and her husband (who is a Boy Scout leader).  They taught us all how to do Geo caching. 

For those of you who do not know what Geo caching is, it's like a modern day scavenger hunt.  You use a hand held GPS system to track where you are going.  The location of the little "treasures" are listed on the computer.

When you are at the location given, you hunt around for a small container.  Inside there will be a log journal that you write your name down and also there are little "gifts" inside.  If you want to take one, you must leave something of equal or greater value in it's place.

Then you put the container back in same place you found it for the next people to find.

It's a lot of fun and can become very addicting. 

Black Star Canyon has several hidden treasures there and was why we picked that location.

Yes that is a giant snake the girls are holding.  Yes it is real and yes it is alive.

We went out to Perris CA to the Animazonia Wildlife Foundation.  They rescue large cats.  Not house cats.  Cats like Tigers and Lions.

They also had rescued reptiles and dogs.  The girls thought it was fun being able to hold this snake.  It wasn't even the biggest one they had.  The biggest one was to heavy for the girls to hold alone.

I even held it.  Funny, I'm not scared of big snakes at all.  But, show me a small, slithering one and I will run for my life.

The Foundation is also set up for over night camp outs.  They have a large trampoline, crafts to do and archery that we got to enjoy.

We also had a picnic lunch there.  This was a very memorable day for all of us.

I think the most fun the girls have had so far this summer was our first camp out. 

The girls got to learn how to cook outdoors, start a fire, first aid, knife safety, how to use a compass, how to tie and use different knots plus a whole host of other things having to do with the outdoors.

They put on a skit, had S'Mores, did crafts and sang campfire songs.

We spent two nights and now they keep asking to go again.  I did tell them I would plan another camp out for us soon.

Next week is Day Camp every day.  I should be very tired by next Friday.

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Martha said...

I remember fondly my days as a Scout Leader! Wouldn't trade them for anything.