Thursday, January 20, 2011


Soon, the yummy Girl Scout cookies will be back for sale.

Some places may already have them. Here in So. CA we don't get ours until Jan 30th. I can't wait. I love them!

I even buy enough to freeze some so I'll have them long after the Girl Scouts stop selling them. They freeze wonderfully.

I know Jan. is sometimes a bad time for many people because diet plans have just been put into place. Exercise promises are being kept. Cutting back on junk food and all sorts of New Year Resolutions have been made.

However, that does not keep you from being able to help out the Girl Scouts. You can either buy some and give them away to friends and family. Use them as hostess gifts, thank you gifts or get well gifts.

If you are just not able to even have them around for fear you may open them and eat the whole box, you have nothing to worry about. The Girl Scouts are also collecting boxes of cookies for our military men and women over seas.

That's right, you can purchase a box and leave it with the Troop and they will make sure your donation gets shipped over.

So, please, when you see the girls standing around outside of the stores. Or if one comes knocking on your door, please purchase a box or two.

Also, if you don't know of anyone selling cookies, I'm a leader so you can always contact me and I will make sure you either get your cookies or your donation is shipped off.


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Jean Tuthill said...

Hi Joanne, I just wanted to let you know your giveaway package is in the mail. I am finally off the pain killers and now I can drive without worry. I sent it out yesterday and they said you should have it by next Thursday. Hope you enjoy everything. I love GS cookies and always buy them. They are so wonderful!