Sunday, October 27, 2013


I love Day of the Dead.  Or Dia de Muertos in Spanish.  The little figures in the above photo are a gift from my sister that she purchased in New Mexico for me.

I think it's a pretty and thoughtful way for us to remember our beloved friends and family that have died. 

I had posted on Facebook about how much I love it and was thrilled when professional photographer, Gayle Dawn Exton in Huntington Beach, asked if my girl scout troop would be willing to be her models for a Day of the Dead photo shoot.

I quickly answered yes.  My girls were thrilled to get to have make up and photographs done for them too.

The girls each got to pick which look they wanted and what colors they wanted to be in.  Then they received the outline of the mask.

At first they don't look nearly as pretty as the final product.

But, they still were having fun and loved seeing themselves with drawings on their face and wondering how it would turn out.

Then it was time to get the white part of the mask painted on.

It was funny to look over at them as lined up after having their mask painted white.  It was coming together.

Once the color got painted on they looked great!

Each girl looked so pretty and different.

I loved looking over at them as waited for the last girl to be painted. 

Once they were all finished being painted, they let their hair down and I got a chance to snap a few photos with my camera phone.

 They loved being models for the night.  The photographer was wonderful with them. 

Her work came out beautiful.  Look at this photo.  Isn't it lovely!

Well, now look at it flipped upside down!  A totally different look. 

I loved being able to introduce the girls to what the Day of the Dead/Dia de Muertos is all about.

If you are in or near Huntington Beach I would highly recommend going to Gayle Dawn Exton for your photographs.  You can find her on Facebook or by clicking here.  She does great work.


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Dear Joanne...Heavens! Where have you been. I tried to get my brother to come to Riverside from San Diego and he wouldn't. I was managing apartment and had a handicapped one near me but he wouldn't do it. He wanted to stay down there and I understood. I was working full time and still had a child at home..and after the facebook thing he wrote and apologized in a way. It seems he forgot that I offered him an apartment. He rented one down there, had his grown son move in and did alright. I know it was terrible for him though.
How are you? cute pictures of the girls all done up in their face paint! Day of the Dead??? LOL

Candy S said...

I like your blog. I hope you are ok.

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