Thursday, September 15, 2011


Today I went to the Orange County Fair Grounds because I heard they were having several food trucks there.  They were celebrating their one year anniversary.

I have been watching The Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network and it really got me wondering if the food on these trucks were as good as they claimed.

I was about to find out.

Since I don't eat meat, I couldn't eat these hamburgers.  However, they had some really unique items on some of their burgers.

I wonder what the peanut butter and jelly one was like. 

I'm sure the burgers are super though.  This truck one the Great Food Truck Race last season.  They also had a super long line of fans waiting to place their orders.

I was so excited when I saw that Sea Birds was there. 

Watching them this season and seeing all the great food they made had me longing to try them. 

They make only vegetarian and vegan food.  Perfect for me since I'm a vegetarian.

I thought everything sounded so good on their menu.  As I saw the food leaving the truck, I found my mouth watering.

However, I did want to check out the other trucks to see what they had before I made any purchase.

This truck sold Philly cheese stakes.  The smell was wonderful and if it were several years ago, when I ate meat, I think I would have tried the food from here. 

I was happy to see that they had both a great menu for meat eaters and also offered vegetarian food.  Big plus in my eyes.

The bakery truck sounded yummy.   But, I was going to enjoy a meal first and so I had to move on from here pretty quickly.

As I walked by, I heard some of the customers talking about how good everything was from here.  Tucked in the back of my mind, I was thinking I may have to stop back here after I eat lunch.

Short Stop BBQ also had some wonderful smells coming from it's truck.  Another big line made me believe they had a big following too.

This is where my sister ended up eating from.  She quickly became a fan of Short Stop BBQ too.

So much to pick from.

She finally decided to go with the Tri Tip sandwich and fries.  She said she would surely get this again.  She really liked the coleslaw on the sandwich.

She also said the price was very good for the quality of food.  She was very pleased with her purchase.

Home Skillet was at the end of the line of trucks. 
While they seemed to have a good variety of food, I saw nothing I would order for lunch.  Well, the Sweet potato fries but I wanted more then just a side dish.

I knew there was no other Truck that could compete for my taste buds like Sea Birds.  So, I went to the line and waited my turn.

While in line, I spoke to a few of the people standing by me.  One girl said she follows this Truck and eats something from them every week. 

The menu changes and she had not had anything on the menu today so she was excited to try something new.

As I got closer to the window I knew I had to pick something.  It was hard for me to decide because I really wanted to try everything.

When it became my time, I chatted a bit with the girl at the window.  I told her I felt they should have won the Food Truck Race.  I was so sad to see them go.

I have to say that the girls were so friendly and happy to talk to me.  I didn't feel rushed or looked down upon. 

Points were scored right away for that greeting.

I ended up getting the Pesto Brown Rice.  Oh my goodness!  This was so good.  As soon as I took a bite I had so much flavor and texture going on.

It was pure heaven!  I loved the toasted pine nuts.  I was very pleased with my choice.  This was something that vegetarians and meat eaters would enjoy.  Plus, it really fills you up.

I also got their grilled apples with cinnamon and walnut crumble.    The apples were warm but still crunchy.  The combination of the spices and walnuts gave them an added flavor that made them delicious.

The only thing I found wrong with Sea Birds was, they didn't have an actual restaurant that I could go to all the time.  I am going to have to track them down when my cravings for their food pops up.

Other then that, I would give them a 10! 

If you should ever find yourself near Sea Birds, please, do yourself a favor and order something.  I'm sure you will love it.

Both my sister and I were super full and happy we had made the trip to visit these great Food Trucks.

However, remember that Bakery Truck?  Well, we really wanted to try them.  They had the perfect ending for our lunch.  It was a raspberry cheesecake shot.  A wonderful, creamy cheesecake in a shot glass served with a tiny spoon. 

It's a great idea.  When you are super full you can still have a little bit of dessert without making yourself feel sick. 

I had a great time spending some time outdoors, talking to a lot of people.  It seems people are more friendly when they are getting to enjoy great food. 

I still have to give my vote for Best Food Truck to Sea Birds.  They really know how to cook!


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Well..I have finally caught up with you and as usual, I was in for a treat!
Joanne, I had NO idea trucks like this existed! My girlfriend's husband used to have a food truck in Costa Mesa...and it was wonderful...but NOTHING like this.

Every night on his way home he had to pass our house he would stop out front and give my kids all the left over sandwiches, etc. of the day. I have seven, you know, and at that time the oldest was just 14 years old. He is now 55 this August 23rd. So...the times have changed. He made GREAT money doing it. Hit all the construction sites.

I had such fun reading about those! You always do the most interesting things! Amazing!

By the way, the house has been quiet. Not half as bad...but I leave it alone too. Try not to stir things up. Howard is fine with it now and no longer denys things happened. Thank heavens.
The place is doubt about it..but we can't leave..and I have grown to love the place.

I still want to make a birdcage like you made! :) You are so darned talented.
Love and hugs,

GardenOfDaisies said...

The food trucks look fun, and Seabirds in particular looks wonderful!! Those grilled apples, oh my... I want to see if I can figure out how to make those. I have not see the tv show... is it good?

misss_e said...

Oh this seems like such great fun! I loved the Seabirds on the Great Food Truck Race too!